English Comedy Showcase

Join us and find out why we're Berlin's best-kept comedy secret! We're Schöneberg's longest-running English standup night, at one of the city's friendliest venues!
3 top comedians • Half-time quiz with prizes for you • Part of your donation goes to a charity supporting Ukraine

The fantastic comics for our show in February are:

  • Gino Christofaro
  • Karl Pinzon
    and our wonderful headliner,
  • Erika Ratcliffe

… all presented by your host Simone Hudson, who's 50% New Zealander, 50% Swiss, and 100% fabulous!
Plus … there will be a special half-time quiz where you can cool prizes. It's embarrassingly easy, we promise!

We don't wanna brag, but we're one of Berlin's longest-running comedy nights, and we've got a bit of a reputation (but in a good way)! We bring you the city's best English comics in a one-of-a-kind format that's both edgy and super friendly. We start with a lovely venue that is one of the oldest queer community organizations in Germany and add a lineup of hilarious people of all descriptions so we can laugh together and celebrate the diversity of Berlin at its best!

Suggested donation per person: EUR 10.
We can't wait to see you at the fabulous AHA for a night of incredible comedy!