YouTube show created by German Drag Queen Fatal Flash

In this new edition of »Talk with Fatal«, our guest is Mücke, a man who went through a difficult struggle with drug addiction and found the strength to return to a healthy life. He will tell us his story, from when he first encountered drugs, to when he decided to go into treatment.

Mücke will share his experience and how he overcame his addiction, what helped him stay motivated and how he found support in his life. We will learn about the difficulties he experienced in treatment and how he found the strength not to give up and continue to fight drugs.

Fatal Flash and Mücke will discuss the importance of support and understanding from those around them, look at different treatments that help people overcome drug addiction, and discuss what steps can be taken to help other people suffering from drug addiction.

It will be a frank and important conversation that will help us better understand the problems associated with drugs and find ways to help those going through similar experiences.