Meetup for queer Gamers

Play and discuss videogames in a warm and safe atmosphere with other like-minded people from the LGBTIQA+ community in Berlin!
Come play and discuss videogames with people from the community and meet new friends with similar interest. Our main goal is to work towards a #SaferSpace for all of us, queer gamers, and for this we will need your help. If you are interested and you are wondering if this group is for you, take a look at our code of conduct, at the end of the page, where you will find the answer.

For the same reason, and to make sure we can put the attention in creating a good atmosphere, we will limit the event to 30 people. Please let us know if you would like to attend.

The main group event will take place in English, but if English is not your preferred language and you would rather speak German, worry not! Let us know and we will find a way to make the event easier for you!

Contact: or
For more information on upcoming events, visit our Meetup page, where you can also signup for the next meeting

Code of Conduct

  1. Safer space: no discriminating language, respect pronouns. We can't promise a complete safe space, what we want to do instead is create a space in which you can feel comfortable to speak up when something happens and we will handle it accordingly.
  2. Mindful/Respectful of disabilities (ie: volume managing).
  3. Respectful handling of materials: the organisers as well as guest provide game stations and controllers. Be mindful of handling them, and remember to return them at the end of the event.
  4. Letting everyone play: we understand the excitement of gaming, but please remember to give everyone a chance to play at a game station.
  5. Look out for one another: as organisers it's our role to look out for you, but there might be moments when we are busy, and we ask you to be mindful of your surroundings, not as a duty but as a way of coexisting and making this event an enjoyable one for everyone.
  6. Age 18 and above.