end of workshop performance

The drag king praxis is a queer collective and stage praxis born in the US in the 1990s. It plays with the performance of masculinity to criticize patriarchy and binarities and/or find empowerment. This workshop is above all a collective experience of creation and reflection around drag and gender. 

The workshop is held in english (with possibilities of partly translation into french or german) and open to everyone who experimented sexismus or was oppressed by hegemonic masculinities in any kind of way, and who wanna explore and deconstruct masculinities. (People defining themselves as cishet white endo men shoud reflect about why they would wanna show up and if it's really their space). 

Cost of the workshop: open price (suggested 40–60 €, but people with little resources are still welcome even if they can't afford that much). You'll be asked to bring some clothes, a foundation matching your skin color and cut hair but the make-up will be furnished. There will be two full days of workshop (20.04. and 27.04.), and one evening of performance on the 03.05. at AHA for the ones who feel like going on stage. 

Facilitator : Noé/Pétrole Désamour is a white, abled-bodied and trans* french performer facilitating drag workshops for five years.

To register: noe.pennsa@systemli.org