Showabend mit den FreaKings

FreaKings goes sports. Please don't stop reading though. We know, we know, we know, another sports related event?! Yeah somehow it sucks but we have to talk about the elephant in the room: the Men's Soccer bla bla whatever. But instead of celebrating toxic masculinity, nationalism, body shaming, ableism and queer-/transphobia, we thought we do our own thing. So we present to you the first World Queer Games! Instead of highest, longest, fastest, at the World Queer Games cuteness, doing less, booty shaking and solidarity win. Join us for a sports event of a different kind. Bawling, roaring, howling are most welcome!

Accessibility info

The show will be mostly in English, with some performances in German or other languages. (there will be an online pad with translations) We do not have sign language translation.
We do not use strobe lights. The location is accessible via a ramp but does not have an wheelchair-accessible toilet. The venue is smoke-free and has an air filter. Please test yourself for Covid on the same day. Please stay home if you have symptoms of a cold. Also stay home if you have symptoms and a negative test. Please wear a mask if possible or bring an FFP2 mask. For some people it is important that you wear a mask. We will have some masks and tests available at the entrance for donation. This is an up-to-date info from 2024 and important so that all people can participate or perform.

We are very keen to create an inclusive, mindful and discrimination-sensitive space during our show. Do you have any requests or suggestions? Do you need something to make your participation possible or easier? Send us an email here:

We look forward to seeing you!
Your FreaKings