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Was läuft wann – Unsere Termine

Mittwoch, 13. September 2017 20:30–23:00

Go West Comedy

English Comedy Showcase

Go West ist eine neue Standup-Comedy-Showcase auf Englisch jeden 2. Mittwoch im Monat in der AHA! Eure ModeratorInnen Ben MacLean (Kanada), Yannick Geske (Deutschland) und Simone Hudson (Neuseeland) präsentieren einen lustigen Abend mit den besten KomikerInnen der englischsprachigen Szene in Berlin! Spendenbasiert.

Schöneberg’s number-one English comedy night is back with an improved showcase format in an awesome new venue, the legendary AHA! Join us for our first show in our new home. And did we mention it’s free?! (Though donations are welcome … )

Ben MacLean (Canadian bureaucrat turned flight attendant … it’s a long story) is your host this month as we bring you three of Berlin’s best comics …

  • Carmen Chraim is a beloved comedian on Berlin’s English comedy scene. Born and raised in Lebanon, she charms crowds with her high-energy presence and rapid-fire anecdotes. With a strong scientific mind, she’s an engineer by day and a sassy comedian by night! Carmen also produces several popular comedy nights in Berlin such as Comedy auf Deuglish at Vétomat & Teepeeland »Stands up«.
  • Kinan Al comes all the way from Syria. A total comedy nerd, he has quickly become a fixture on the local standup circuit. You can catch him nearly every night on stage winning over audiences with his unusual personal stories and his very special perspective on life. Kinan is also the producer of a German comedy open mic in Wedding called Mastul Stand Up Comedy.

And your headliner…

  • Liliana »Don’t tell me what to do« Velásquez (Liliana Velasquez M.) is an excellent comic who brings her genuine outlook on life to the stage. Liliana has travelled the world not only as a comedian, dancer and actress but also as a muse to many artists. She has no hair on her tongue and is proud of her safe, sane and consensual outlook on life’s adventures. Liliana is the producer of KGB Show, Sunday Slips & the Shameless comedy showcases and her solo show Suitcase Stability will be touring in 2018. She is a force of nature and one of our absolute favourites!

Einlass: 19:00 • Beginn: 20:30 • Eintritt frei

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