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Was läuft wann – Unsere Termine

Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018 21:00–23:00

Go West Comedy

English Comedy Showcase

Go West ist ein neuer Standup-Comedy-Showcase auf Englisch jeden 2. Mittwoch im Monat in der AHA! Eure ModeratorInnen Ben MacLean (Kanada), Yannick Geske (Deutschland) und Simone Hudson (Neuseeland) präsentieren einen lustigen Abend mit den besten KomikerInnen der englischsprachigen Szene in Berlin! Spendenbasiert.

Go West is a new English-language standup comedy showcase every second Wednesday of the month at the AHA! Your hosts Ben MacLean (Canada), Yannick Geske (Germany) and Simone Hudson (New Zealand) bring you a night of laughs starring the best comedians from Berlin’s English comedy scene. Donations welcome.

Schöneberg’s number-one English comedy night is back with an improved showcase format in an awesome new venue, the legendary AHA! And did we mention it’s free?! (Though donations are welcome.) Just a few minutes from Yorckstraße, Kleistpark and Julius-Leber-Brücke stations!

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day with us at our monthly comedy showcase in English! If you’re coming with your special someone, we’ve got the friendliest room in town. If you’re single on February 14, you’re sure to hear some relationship material from our comics that will make you feel better about your life choices.

Your host this month: Simone Hudson. Simone is a Berlin-based part-time comedian. Born as a badass mongrel (what?)… half Kiwi and half Swiss. Think Lord of the Rings edited to half an hour. Some people may find her soft twangy accent »unique« when she says »egg«. Her comedy would be best described as honest storytelling, where the joke is on herself, society or everyday occurrences. She likes stereotypes and horsing around but does not like horses or being put in a box.'

Our special guests on stage this month...

Freddi Gralle: For many years, the only stages Freddi spent much time on were those in church. Now she is doing comedy – so being judgmental comes in handy.
Her dazzling sense of self-entitlement guides her to tackle the existential questions in life: God, sex, truth or the upsides of PMS. Freddi’s voice is life-affirming but sarcastic with a strong preference for the auto-biographic.

Ty Rone (Jet Set Ty Rone) is an American comedian, writer, actor, and music producer. A natural entertainer, Ty began performing at a young age in shopping malls and at school. He never wanted to do stand up comedy, preferring the spontaneity of his first love, improvisational acting. But things changed after he won a theatre competition in Hollywood, California. One of the prizes was a free stand-up comedy course. Ty Rone only attended the class because he had a crush on the instructor. However, he quickly realized that he enjoyed doing stand-up and has been performing it ever since. He has performed all over the world, but he is currently based in Europe, where he has rapidly developed a following.

And your fantastic headliner…

Drew Portnoy (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Germans) moved to Berlin nearly 20 years ago and still isn’t sure he wants to stay. He uses his dry wit to recount his explosive love affair with Germany’s capital and the scars (and children) it’s left him. He performs in both German and English and was a finalist in Quatsch Comedy Club’s annual Talentschmiede competition, has appeared on German television and was once the German national champion in PowerPoint Karaoke.

Einlass: 19 Uhr • Beginn: 21 Uhr • Eintritt frei

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