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Mittwoch, 14. März 2018 21:00–23:00

Go West Comedy

English Comedy Showcase

Go West ist ein neuer Standup-Comedy-Showcase auf Englisch jeden 2. Mittwoch im Monat in der AHA! Eure ModeratorInnen Ben MacLean (Kanada), Yannick Geske (Deutschland) und Simone Hudson (Neuseeland) präsentieren einen lustigen Abend mit den besten KomikerInnen der englischsprachigen Szene in Berlin! Spendenbasiert.

Go West is a new English-language standup comedy showcase every second Wednesday of the month at the AHA! Your hosts Ben MacLean (Canada), Yannick Geske (Germany) and Simone Hudson (New Zealand) bring you a night of laughs starring the best comedians from Berlin’s English comedy scene. Donations welcome.

Schöneberg’s number-one English comedy night is back with an improved showcase format in an awesome new venue, the legendary AHA! And did we mention it’s free?! (Though donations are welcome.) Just a few minutes from Yorckstraße, Kleistpark and Julius-Leber-Brücke stations!

Ben MacLean (Canadian bureaucrat turned flight attendant/comedian … it’s complicated) is your host this month as we bring you three of Berlin’s top comics …

Andrew Hall is a high-brow, white-trash comedian from the States. He got his start in Charlotte, North Carolina, but spent the last 3 years in Washington, D.C. doing comedy and trying to navigate the city's poorly put together public transportation. He has an odd knack for taking the darkest, most unnerving aspects of life and trivializing them onstage in bizarre yet relatable ways. A poor dresser but a talented writer, Andrew has established himself as an out of the box thinker and performer. He was a founding member of »The Ex-Wives Club« who have done videos, sketch and improv, having toured the East Coast of the U.S. But lately he can be found in Berlin telling jokes, or on Twitter and Instagram @andrewhallpass.

Erika Ratcliffe is a Japanese-Austrian comedian and has performed stand-up all over Germany and Austria. She has a dark sense of humour and doesn’t shy away from controversial topics like racism and vaginal yeast infections. Her comedy is also very self-deprecating and she shows a lot of empathy for the underdogs in our society. Erika also starred in the first season of »Comedy Central presents: Stand-Up«.

And your headliner … Zackarias Branzell!

A comedian, podcaster, host, producer, lover and a friend, Zackarias Branzell grew up in the north of Sweden 2 hours by plane from the closest comedy club. But he's made up for lost time and has now performed all around Northern Europe.
His comedy has been described as »funny« and »good« comedy, often warming up with one-liners then switching to longer bits. He's known for being a bit darker than what you’d expect from a guy in a bright shirt who smiles so much on stage.
  • »I’m a Swedish comedian so you’re going to have to assemble these jokes yourself« – Opening joke ano 2016
  • »He is the only funny Swede we ever saw and we lived in Sweden for seven years« – Swiss family of three
  • »Was für ein toller Abend … Der schwedische Delpin ist der Hammer!« – Michaela Hannes

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