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Was läuft wann – Unsere Termine

Mittwoch, 14. November 2018 21:00–23:00

Go West Comedy

English Comedy Showcase

Go West ist der englischsprachige Standup-Comedy-Showcase in der AHA! Eure Moderator-Innen Ben MacLean (Kanada) und Simone Hudson (Neuseeland) präsentieren einen lustigen Abend mit den besten KomikerInnen der englischsprachigen Szene in Berlin! Spendenbasiert.

Schöneberg's number-one (and longest-running) English comedy night takes the stage once a month at the fabulous AHA. Your hosts Ben MacLean (Canada) and Simone Hudson (New Zealand) bring you a night of laughs starring the best comedians from Berlin's English comedy scene. And did we mention it's free?! (Though donations are welcome.)

This month our hand-picked comics who'll be bringing the funny are …

Pavlo Voytovych (Ukraine): Pavlo has quit his journalist job and started doing standup a bit over a year ago, a choice he explains by saying he »always wants to tell the truth«. Since then he's performed in London, Paris, and Edinburgh (as a semi-finalist in the »So You Think You’re Funny?« competition), not to mention he's toured in Western Germany, because he likes a good challenge. Born and raised in Ukraine, confused and dazed in Berlin, Pavlo is still looking for the meaning of life and a perfect burger place.

Henning Wechsler (Germany): As soon as his beloved hometown Leipzig was called »The New Berlin«, East German standup comedian Henning Wechsler instantly packed his bags and moved to Berlin. It was gentrification payback time. Arriving in a city choking on its own hype, he faced walking stereotypes: Trump-fugees, influencer-models and West Germans who still consider him exotic. So he desperately needs the stage to publicly make his own sense of the things he observes and struggles with. Henning has performed at well over 300 gigs and is now producer and host of his own Show »Aufstand Comedy«, every Sunday in Berlin-Mitte.

And our headliner …

Freddi Gralle (Germany) grew up in a deeply religious household, first in Sierra Leone, West Africa, later in the provincial wastelands of Lower Saxony, Germany. For many years, the only stages she knew were those in churches. Then she moved to Berlin and, to her big surprise, being an evangelical Christian perfectly prepared her for becoming a judgmental comic. Freddi’s voice is life-affirming but sarcastic with a strong preference for the autobiographic.

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