Eingeschränkter Veranstaltungsbetrieb!

Wegen der Corona-Pandemie findet zur Zeit ein eingeschränkter Veranstaltungsbetrieb statt. Ein Teil unserer Treffen und Kulturveranstaltungen finden statt dessen online statt.


Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2019 21:00–23:00

Go West Comedy

English Comedy Showcase

Go West ist der englischsprachige Standup-Comedy-Showcase in der AHA! Eure Moderator-Innen Ben MacLean (Kanada) und Simone Hudson (Neuseeland) präsentieren einen lustigen Abend mit den besten KomikerInnen der englischsprachigen Szene in Berlin! Spendenbasiert.

Schöneberg's number-one (and longest-running) English comedy night takes the stage once a month at the fabulous AHA. Your hosts Ben MacLean (Canada) and Simone Hudson (New Zealand) bring you a night of laughs starring the best comedians from Berlin's English comedy scene. And did we mention it's free?! (Though donations are welcome.)

This month our hand-picked comics who'll be bringing the funny are …

  • Willy is a bearded Kiwi who chose to start doing standup in the home of comedy: Berlin. Now his deadpan delivery and year-round bare thighs are a regular feature of Berlin's basements and stages. Willy, the big ball of weird, takes the audience through the surreal world that is his mind, dominating with an awkward confidence. He's an odd one. Buy him beer.
  • Jules Oakes is from England and has been making her presence felt on the Berlin scene with her high-energy, expertly crafted comedy (at least that's how we'd describe her). She's somewhat more modest and labels herself a »comedian and purveyor of the very finest quality nonsense«.
  • Daniel Stern is an American living in Berlin. He is a former talk show host, a retired competitive eater, a screenwriter and a standup comedian. Stern sews absurd observations together with threads of unhinged wit; his performances are a frayed quilt of hilarious anarchy, earnest confessions and stories about riding the bus. He writes and performs sketch comedy, hosts all kinds of events, models and acts. Daniel podcasts with local news show Radio Spaetkauf and produces »The Staniel Dern Show« every month. Stern once took last place behind three children in an NBA Summer League half time dance-off.

Simone will also be joined by co-host Ben MacLean for Berlin’s craziest halftime show. There will be costumes, there will be dancing, there will be audience prizes even though you don’t have to do any of the work!

Einlass: 20 Uhr • Beginn: 21 Uhr • Eintritt frei

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