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Safer Sex

Safer Sex is an important topic to us. We are cooperating closely with these of Safer-Sex-projects in Berin:

Orden der Schwestern der Perpetuellen Indulgenz
Ich weiß was ich tu

For our english speaking guests

The Erotik Party at the AHA is Berlin’s longest-running monthly men only sex party. Founded in 1991, still on the 2nd Friday of the month around 80 guys come together – for sex and fun in our dark areas or meeting new guys in the café area.
With its tolerant and non-discriminating door policy and the cosy and communicative atmosphere the AHA Erotik Party still is unique in Berlin. No dress code – you alone decide, what to wear: topless, underwear, naked – whatever you like and prefer. Most important of all is that you feel comfortable at our party. (The only rule is: no shoes. For this event we cover all floors with carpets to make it more comfy.) Soft carpets, curtains, both darker and brighter play areas, chilled electronic music – the AHA is only the space – you decide what happens in it. Feel the atmosphere and go for erotic experiences!

Please note: This is a men only party and trans* men are welcome, and it is a safer sex party. We encourage safer sex and provide free condoms and lube close at hand in every room.

The admission charge is 7 €.

During the party you do not need any cash. At the check-in you get a number on your arm and your drinks will be charged to that number. You only have to pay for your drinks when you leave.

Kindly note that the AHA is a non-profit association, based exclusively on volunteer work.

Where to find us

You will find the AHA at Monumentenstraße 13 in Berlin Schöneberg. We are conveniently situated close to a number of S- and U-Bahn stops as well as a number of bus lines.

Stop Line(s) Walking distance
S Yorckstraße
S1 550 m
U Yorckstraße U7 650 m
S Yorckstraße S2 S25 800 m
Bus S+U Yorckstr. (S1 U7) M19 650 m
U Kleistpark U7 650 m
Bus U Kleistpark M48, M85, 106, 187, 204 650 m
S Julius-Leber-Brücke S1 600 m
Bus Kesselsdorfstraße 104 450 m
Bus Monumentenstraße 140 600 m
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10829 Berlin-Schöneberg, Monumentenstr. 13
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Monumentenstraße 13
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