The Erotik Party at the AHA is Berlin’s longest-running monthly men only sex party. Founded in 1991, still on the 2nd Friday of the month around 80 guys come together – for sex and fun in our dark areas or meeting new guys in the café area.
With its tolerant and non-discriminating door policy and the cosy and communicative atmosphere the AHA Erotik Party still is unique in Berlin. No dress code – you alone decide, what to wear: topless, underwear, naked – whatever you like and prefer. Most important of all is that you feel comfortable at our party. (The only rule is: no shoes. For this event we cover all floors with carpets to make it more comfy.) Soft carpets, curtains, both darker and brighter play areas, chilled electronic music – the AHA is only the space – you decide what happens in it. Feel the atmosphere and go for erotic experiences!

Please note: This is a men only party and trans* men are welcome. We encourage safer sex and provide free condoms and lube close at hand in every room.


The admission charge is 8 €.

During the party you do not need any money. At the check-in you get a number on your arm and your drinks will be charged to that number. You only have to pay for your drinks when you leave, either with cash or card.

Kindly note that the AHA is a non-profit association, based exclusively on volunteer work.

Where to find us

You will find the AHA at Monumentenstraße 13 in Berlin Schöneberg. We are conveniently situated close to a number of S- and U-Bahn stops as well as a number of bus lines.

Haltestelle Linie(n) Fußweg
S-Bahn Yorckstraße
S1 550 m
S-Bahn Yorckstraße S2 S25 S26 800 m
U-Bahn Yorckstraße U7 650 m
Bus S+U Yorckstr.
M19, N7 650 m
U-Bahn Kleistpark U7 650 m
Bus U Kleistpark M48, M85, 106, 187, 204, N7 650 m
S-Bahn Julius-Leber-Brücke S1 600 m
Bus S Julius-Leber-Brücke M43, 106, 204 600 m
Bus Kesselsdorfstraße M43 450 m
Bus Monumentenstraße 140 600 m